As girls mature into young women (and young women into mature women),

we are constantly evolving and developing our sense of self. 

How do we relate to the world and in turn, how does the world respond to us?  We begin to define ourselves through different elements of self-esteem:


~ creative esteem ~

~ emotional esteem ~

~ environmental esteem ~

~ financial esteem ~

~ intellectual esteem ~

~ physical esteem ~

~ social esteem ~

~ spiritual esteem ~


esteem magazine

is a safe place for both girls and women

to share their stories and help one another build their self-esteem.

Authenticity is the daily practice of

letting go of who we think we're supposed

to be and embracing who we are.

~ Brene Brown ~

According to Amy S. Pattee, author of The Developmental Appropriateness of Teen Magazines, the experience of reading teen magazines can result in heavy psychological impacts on their readers. The covers and content of the latest teen magazines promise adolescent girls dates, beauty, & success. Compared to the rich superstar singer, and the skinniest model shown and praised in the magazine, the reader is most likely to be left with a negative self-image and a heavy desire to aspire to be just like the women they read about.

Mass Market Mortification: The Developmental Appropriateness of Teen Magazines and the Embarrassing Story Standard

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