7 Tricks To Bring More Gratitude Into Your Life

Practicing gratitude can be a powerful way to strengthen your mental health while helping to amplify positive emotions. When you cultivate a sense of gratitude in your daily life, anxiety and negative emotions can often soften over time, while stress resilience increases. Feelings of gratitude can be grounding, relaxing, and peace-promoting, and a gratitude practice can also help shift your mindset in positive ways during challenging times. If you've been musing over your goals for the coming year, note that creating a creative gratitude practice can help you hone in on your goals, while potentially boosting your mood in the process.

According to Forbes, a simple gratitude practice can help you feel happier by increasing feelings of inner peace and tranquility. Psychology Today writes that the benefits of gratitude are backed by research, and include improved relationships, enhanced empathy, deeper sleep, and stronger mental and physical health. No matter what your goals may be, if your aim is to practice more gratitude, you have options beyond your typical gratitude journal (which I'm definitely not knocking — gratitude journals rock).

Here are seven tips for cultivating a creative gratitude practice:

1. Perform a daily act of kindness

2. Express daily words of affirmation to your friends and family

3. Identify something to look forward to each day.

4. Write a letter of appreciation.

5. Reach out to a writer or artist who touched your life.

6. Identify 5 things you are grateful for every day.

7. Take the time to appreciate what you normally take for granted.

Practicing gratitude can take so little to do, but yields a lot over time. By choosing a few ways to mindfully note and honor who and what you're grateful for every day, not only can you strengthen your own capacity for appreciation and positive emotions, but you can add value to others' lives, too.

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