Creativity as Self-Care

Does your day-to-day life make you feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Do you have the desire to try something different but don’t want to change your whole life? Does the idea of learning something new fire you up? Maybe a creativity infusion is what you need. Spending some time doing something creative is excellent emotional self care!

Why creativity is emotional self care

Many people think of creativity as child’s play. It’s something we did when we were younger, but now that we’re adults we don’t have time for such trivial activity. What we don’t realize is that there are a lot of benefits that we can reap if we stop being so serious and start having some fun. Creative acts have benefits that are good for brain health and physical health. Creativity also helps us connect with who we are on a deeper level. Of course we can’t underestimate the value of doing something that is just plain fun! Even the New York Times sees the benefit of play for adults. In our busy lives, creativity and play brings balance we so desperately need. Who among us doesn’t need more stress-busting, brain-boosting, physical-dexterity forming activity?

Getting started with creative self care

Increasing the amount of creative activity in your life often involves some creative thinking. Real factors like time and money are often what keep people from exercising their creative muscles. But with a little self-assessment and a bit of planning, you can get your creative on like crazy!

There are three main questions to ask yourself as you start to think about your options:

How much time do you have?

How much money can you invest in your creative endeavors?

What roadblocks are in your way?

This excerpt is reprinted with permission from Karen Shopoff Rooff at The Well Balanced Women. She is a wife, mom, and coach located in Austin, Texas. For the rest of the article and other great resources, please see:

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