How Do I Deal With Criticism?

Everyone knows how it feels to be criticized, but few can handle it. I have also had to learn myself what it means to deal with criticism, whether positive or negative.

I’ve been criticized for a lot of things. Be it who I am or what I do or put on the net. It is important for me to distinguish between positive and negative criticism. I accept everything positive, and I am happy about it. Negative ones I’ll leave out. How do I do that? It’s easy I once learned something from a lifecoach named Damian Richter: “The following situation: You get for example 50 comments. 48 are positive and 2 are negative. Right away, your focus is on those negative comments instead of focusing on the 48 positive ones.”

And you know what? He was right. After that, I was able to look at the whole thing from a completely different angle. I started to hide the negative reviews and focus on what people had positive things to say to me.

It helped me a lot to cope better with criticism in any way. Meanwhile, I immediately hide it when someone tries to criticize me in a negative way and thus attack me. Often, such comments have to do with envy and resentment. People don’t treat you as much if they don’t benefit from it themselves. I speak from my own experience when I say that I don’t mind what others think.

Criticism is often a challenge, because you often don’t know how to behave or if you have to justify yourself for something. I can say that no one has to justify themselves for what they think is right, nor should they.

Simply hide everything negative and enjoy the positive things. I have always sought advice from people who were already in exactly the same situation and had to struggle with criticism. It often helps to talk about it with affected people. It helped me a lot.

As a hobby writer, I am exposed to constant criticism every day, because what one likes, another doesn’t like. That’s how it is in life. No matter what you do, there will always be someone who criticizes you for your actions, even if there is nothing to criticize. But there’s one thing you can never do: Give up something because you’re being criticized. When I think of how many times I would have had to give up writing if I had focused on the negative things. I can’t imagine.

I don’t think so today. Criticism is an essential and very important part of our lives. We learn from every criticism and can grow on it. Even if you don’t like to hear them, it’s important to accept them. What you make of it is up to you.

This is what I have experienced myself: I published a chapter of my fan fiction. A fan page (part of the show on which my fanfiction is based) shared this chapter as well. It didn’t take a day before the fan page was attacked, insulted and claimed that this chapter contained, I would just call it “perverse content.” I was informed and asked for my opinion. They decided to take the chapter off the fan page, but I kept it on my profile. Of course, I was asked why I am not angry or unsettled about it. My answer was that I can never make it right for everyone and it will happen again and again that someone doesn’t like what I write or publish. The important thing is that I am convinced of it and stand by it, or that I am proud and happy about it.

No one has the right to judge you until they know you well enough.

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