Key Tips For Black Friday

And just like that, another Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend is upon us and it's officially holiday season!

It is also the season of warm fuzzy feelings, shiny objects and lots of distractions! And while all of this sounds fun (it is!) this also the season where money can slip away super easily. In fact, from Black Friday through the holiday season is when people typically overspend the most and rack up the most amount of debt.

That being said, I have put together key tips to guide you through this season whether or not you are spending money this coming weekend!

If you ARE spending money on Black Friday /Cyber Monday

  • Review your budget. Make sure you have room in your budget to accommodate your spending.

  • Plan ahead. Even if your budget can accommodate your spending you still want to make sure you are spending mindfully.

  • Buy from small businesses and black and brown owned-businesses. This sector has been most impacted by the pandemic, supporting them is a great way to help small businesses rebuild, recover and grow.

  • Get the Clever Girl Finance books! If you are spending money anyway, you might as well :) These books are a great investment for yourself and will make awesome holiday gifts too!

If you ARE NOT spending money on Black Friday /Cyber Monday

  • Set your 2022 goals and financial plans. This is a great time to get ahead and start thinking about what you want to accomplish with your finances and life in the new year. Review how 2021 went, set new goals and create your plan of action.

  • Open a savings account for specific goals. If you have specific financial goals you want to save for, get organized and open specific savings accounts for each one. (Don't overwhelm yourself by pursuing too many goals at once though.)

  • Work on your personal development. If you are not shopping online or in person, you likely have time to focus on other things like yourself! Start that book, podcast or video series you've been putting off that can help you reach a milestone you've had on your goals list.

  • Seek out work opportunities. You may be in the market for a new job, a part time job or other work from home and remote opportunities. While everyone else is distracted, spend some time finding your next position.

  • Make time to rest. The holidays are a busy season but after the craziness of 2021, be sure to make time to reflect, rest and recover!

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