Love Yourself

Hello out there. Here is my story.

I had no self-confidence before. I was more of a loner and had hardly any friends. As a young woman, one day I had reached a point where I no longer saw any meaning in my life. I couldn’t and didn’t want to live anymore. Depression plagued me, lack of drive. I just didn’t like myself anymore. The influence of my environment also contributed to my mental unwellness.

In 2014, my French Bulldog Flash entered my life and for the first time in a long time, I had found a meaning in my life again. Suddenly there was someone who needed me. My depression disappeared, but I was still not completely satisfied with myself. Something was missing. That same year, a few months later, I started writing fanfiction. A passion that lasted until today and finally gave me the drive that I lacked. I suddenly grew beyond myself and my self-esteem increased.

I began to see the positive in everything and to do more and more what was important to me. I’ve had enough of the wrong friends to this day, now I’m sorting out. Whoever doesn’t do me any good can’t be a part of my life. It’s the only way to keep your positive energy. I’ve learned a lot about myself and I want to share it. A lot of you out there are doubting yourself just like I did. Don’t let this influence you and drag you down. Everyone is worth being accepted and loved as they are. There’s nothing worse than when other people judge you without really knowing you in person. I am now a very positive person, and I am there for everyone who needs help. Every human being is perfect in his own way. No person in the world is worth disguise and change just to be loved. I had to go through this experience too, but today I am happy that I am strong and self-confident, that I have people around me who are always there for me. I speak for all the girls out there when I tell you guys you’re perfect, you’re great, and you’re enough. Stay true to yourselves and do what you want to do and what you think is right, because what is wrong for you is right for the other. I have been criticized many times. But you know what? I don’t care what other people think of me, because I stand by what I do, and that’s all that matters.

Many of you are probably wondering now how I manage to stay so positive. I draw my positive energy from the good things in my life. My dog, riding, my fanfictions, my family, and friends. Contact with certain people pushes me in many ways and is enormously important.

What now sounds trivial and unimportant, has already helped many a person. Stand in front of a mirror and don't criticize yourself but do this: tell yourself to your face how great you think you are, how pretty and perfect you are, because you really are. YOU are perfect. YOU are valuable. YOU are YOU. No one else can take away who you are, and no one has the right to judge you. NOBODY!

That’s how I managed to grow and be strong myself, and I am still strong today. I hope my words could contribute something positive for some and I might even be able to help someone with them.

Love Yourself.

Nathalie Neuherz is 27 years old. She is an author of fanfiction and lover of dogs from Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Nathalie thanks her parents, her closest acquaintances and closest friends Leonie, Natalie, Stefanie (Stef), Lena & Jasmin for always being there.

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