Psyche – The human soul, mind, and spirit

Nothing affects us more in our lives than our mental state. It is important to find a good balance in everyday life in order to keep the psyche in balance. Some find it easier, and others find it harder to find themselves. It’s important for you to know what’s good for you. And that’s the point. If you’ve found something that you enjoy or makes you happy, that’s half the way. Because everyone knows it: you go to work, you take care of the children, you go shopping and so on. Unconsciously, this is often a psychological strain if you don’t have a balance.

Your balance should be something you just enjoy. Your passion. Whether it’s reading, writing, your own dog or other things, it doesn’t matter at all. The important thing is that you can switch off and maybe even have time to yourself for some time. Because it is also important to take time for yourself no matter how you do it.

I’ve had enough of that too. I balance myself with horses. They calm me down and let me relax completely. Every week I get to spend some time with the lovely tinker mare Sunshine, called Sunny. She is an absolute soul horse and I thank the owners Antonia and Daniela for allowing me to take care of her. I enjoy the rides with her, and she is not too short on cuddling. She’s happy when I come to her, and she trusts me as much as I trust her. This connection means an incredible amount to me, and I am incredibly grateful to her.

And then there’s Theo and Quinn, two lovely gelding of Alexandra. I can also enjoy the company with these two and I look forward to it every time I get to work with Alex and Theo. Thank you, Alex, for showing me so much and teaching me a lot. It is always a pleasure to have the horses around me and to enjoy the time together, because it is so incredibly precious.

If we are well, then our spirit is well. The environment also plays a major role. Only surround yourself with people who do you good and don’t burden you psychologically. This may sound silly, but it’s enormously important. Toxic relationships are also an example. There’s nothing worse than giving yourself up for a human being. That can never be and should never be. Because no human being is worth sacrificing oneself in order to achieve a certain status.

It is important to know when you need help. Don’t ever think you’re weak because you say you can’t do it on your own anymore. On the contrary. It shows true strength when you admit to yourself when it’s no longer possible. Take help if you can get it. And most importantly, draw positive strength for your mental health from your environment. Your friends, family or even co-workers. And always remember that you’re strong and that you can do it all.

Many will have recognized themselves long ago. We’re not all alone. Give your psyche what it needs to strengthen and grow. I also sometimes reach my limits, but then I divert the whole thing in the other direction and even it out. In this case, it’s the days with the horses. My compensation.

Try to think more about yourself and not always think about others, because no one can look into you. Do it for you and your psyche.

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